Anthem Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Notes: A Review of Everything MA
Welcome to the total Anthem Medical Assistant Course Review!

Everything herein are notes taken by a student, typed, and redistributed for educational and personal reasons. They are meant as a tool and not a replacement for any formal education, and are most geared towards review, especially for those expecting to enter the field for the first time.

Writer’s Note:

I hope you enjoy your packet of everything that we’ve ever covered in the MA program, or very close to everything. I feel that keeping this ‘book’ on hand will help in quick reference and general review for anything a person could be confused on, and it is geared towards the learning style Anthem’s instructors have beseeched upon me. For the most part the works are arranged in a way that follows a linear path, for maximum comprehension. Just start at the first word and work your way through them. I hope they help you in your endeavors!

CPR Board Review:


1. When do you turn on an AED?


2. What is the rate of compressions?

          At least 100/minute.

3. How deep should the compressions be?

          Adult: 2in/5cm    Child: 2in/5cm/ 1/3 depth of chest          Infant: 1.5in/4cm/ 1/3 depth of chest

4. What is the Ratio of compressions to breaths?

          Adult: 30:2 Child 1 Responder: 30:2   2 Responder: 15:2         

          Infant 1 responder: 30:2   2 Responder: 15:2

5. No neck injury is suspected. How do you open the airway?

          Heat tilt-chin lift

6. How do you know the breaths are effective?

          Chest will rise, not stomach.

7. When do you start CPR?

          Immediately after you find no pulse, or a pulse under 60.

8. CAB, define.

          Circulation Airway Breathing

9. AED says “ANALYZING.” What do you do?

          Stay and say “Clear.”

10. AED says “NO SHOCK INDICATED.” What do you do?

          Return immediately to compressions.


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